• 1 queen bed

  • 2 twin beds

  • 1 full sofa

  • 1 reclining love seat

  • Shower

  • Laundry

  • Kitchen access

  • WiFi

  • Netflix

  • Take a snooze in the hammock

  • 4 hiker maximum


CLOSED FOR 2020 SEASON     R & R Bunk House

Work for Stay in Etna CA for PCT hikers!

Work for Stay opportunity in Etna, CA (mile 1597).  If you're looking for a place to stay and want to save some money then the Rough & Ready Bunk House is the place for you!  You can stay 1 or 2 nights and in return I'm asking for 1 hour per night in sweat equity/work. 

R & R Bunk House

Located in the city center we are 5-10 minutes from the all the city amenities:

Shop at Ray's Food, Dollar General or Etna Hardware to resupply.

Post Office is right down the street.

Enjoy food and beverages at Paystreak Brewing, Wildwood Crossing, Dotty's and Bob's Ranch House.

Free city pool access M/W/F/Sat 1-5.

Beautiful city park.

Health Clinic across the street.

Farmer's Market on Saturdays 10-12.

ANIMAL ALERT:  one friendly, attention-seeking dog, two entitled cats and a few chickens on premises.  The cats and chickens will ignore you but the dog will nose-butt you for petting.

  • Work Jobs Include:

  • weeding

  • staining fence

  • painting deck

  • mowing/weed whack

  • chop wood

  • wash windows

Pacific Crest Trail Hikers